Private Matters Today Inc. is a national publishing company.
We produce national print and online publications to providing educational content surrounding the mortgage industry.

The Magazine

Private Matters Today is a Canadian B2B publication produced on a quarterly basis in both print and online. The magazine highlights educational content and editorial pieces which broaden the knowledge base of its readership - mortgage professionals - regarding nuances that exist in the alternative lending and investment arenas.

The magazine features interviews of various professionals in the industry with a view to uncover and refine information that could prove to be crucial to practicing mortgage professionals and inevitably end consumers in the context of alternative mortgages.

The vision of Private Matters Today is to provide reliable and timely information to mortgage professionals operating across Canada who are in need of alternative financing solutions for their clients or have investors seeking returns by investing in alternative mortgages.

The magazine realizes its vision by showcasing viable alternative lenders and mortgage investment companies that are available to mortgage professionals in Canada.

Private Matters Today is the first of its kind in Canada. The focus of the magazine is exclusively alternative lending and investing. Never before have mortgage professionals, alternative lenders and investors had a dedicated media platform that continuously places a spotlight on industry matters specifically from an alternative lending and investing lens.

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